Channeled Bodywork


Every body tells a story. Unlock your unique Healing Codes, based on yours. A complete Energetic Reset, with Intuitive Inquiry and Manual Massage Techniques.


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“It Is Through Your Body That You Realize You Are A Spark Of Divinity.”
― B.K.S. Iyengar

Who doesn’t need a tune-up from time to time! Instead of getting a regular massage, this time, try something different.

Through Channeled Bodyworka body-based transgenerational healing approach, we access the deeper layers of your being, with inner child healing, intuitive inquiry, and therapeutic touch. This is work for the soul.

During this unique healing experience, I channel ancestral wisdom through my indigenous South African inheritance of the Griqua-Khoi-Khoi lineage, creating a shift in states of those I work with.

Unlike other approaches,  this experience serves as an Energetic Clearing, Emotional Release, and Physical Alignment, all in one,  as trauma gets released from the body tissue and trapped emotion gets unblocked.

Plus, my clients love it when we access the information that has been passed down through our DNA from generations before, in its mature form of intuition. I invite you to unlock your unique healing codes.

Feeling stuck, and lacking spiritual connection and purpose, can result from over-identifying with the material reality we face every day. Wouldn’t a reset to what is possible just feel so good? 

Use your body as a tool for transformation, and replace somato-emotional congestion with lightness and ease.

We create a new vibrational reference point for you to live by! All this while you are relaxing through the comfort of touch and the familiarity of releasing tension.

As your body communicates the deep emotions underneath its surface, we let go of what is no longer useful and find purpose in that which is. I will help you demystify the healing process, so you can be a part of it!


"Your touch and intuition is a gentle and insightful balm." - Sonia, grieving loss.

Feel free to contact me for a short consultation to discuss your needs and see if this session is a fit for you.

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