After  helping thousands of people release physical/emotional tension and come to a place of balance, I am confident that I can help you too.


Soma is the Greek word for body, and stored within the layers of our muscle tissue are emotions and memories that make up our life story. 

This transformational bodywork session is sure to restore physical and energetic alignment through applied Myo-Fascia Release and CranioSacral Techniques. Experience a profound unwinding of the nervous system as core issues, past traumas, and unresolved patterns are released and you regain a sense of physical lightness and emotional ease.

A longer session may include guided breathwork, emotional release or therapeutic imagery to facilitate a journey to your authentic self.


Hands-On Healing


During the past 8 years, I have been working with Sedona Gateway Wellness Center, Sedona Soul Adventures and Spirit Quest Retreats, which has given me the opportunity to be part of a team of world-class healers. Find me there or schedule with me directly for an individual session or private retreat. 

Hands-On Healing


“Amanda has more than 17 years experience in bodywork and healing. She is a somatic empath with a strong foundation in mindfulness meditation practice. As certified Cranisacral Therapist with the Upledger institute, she incorporates this modality in all her bodywork sessions, giving her an in depth understanding of the layers of the body & mind. Amanda practices a broad base of modalities. She prefers the styles of myofascial release to facilitate remedial work. At times she may also incorporate imagery and dialogue to facilitate emotional release in the body/mind. Secondary to being a bodywork therapist, Amanda is a certified Hypnotherpist, Reiki Master and Intuitive and Somatic-Spiritual Coach. She is passionate about facilitating change, helping people return to their true selves.”

Hands-On Healing

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