!Kia is the healing experience of an altered state, enhanced consciousness, a trance, as obtained through the healing trance dance of the Kalahari !Kung.

When the n/um (spiritual energy) heats and rises through the spine to rest at the base of the skull, the opportunity for !Kia becomes available.

“You dance, dance, dance. Then n/um lifts you up in your belly and lifts you in your back, and then you start to shiver. [N/um] makes you tremble, it’s hot. . . . Your eyes are open but you don’t look around; you hold your eyes still and look straight ahead. But when you get into !kia, you’re looking around because you see everything, because you see what’s troubling everybody . . . n/um enters every part of your body right to the tip of your feet and even your hair.” Richard Katz, Boiling Energy


Why Kia Healing?

The mere manner through which to reach an enhanced state of consciousness requires an, all-or-nothing approach, of compassion, non-judgment, prolonged presence and interest. By applying these qualities in such a focused manner, healing on all levels, is spontaneously initiated.

All the modalities I practice contains the strong element of enhanced consciousness. Craniosacral Therapy achieves this self-healing state by manually manipulating the flow of fluid and energy through the spine. Guided Imagery and Meditation relies on achieving an altered state of awareness through the mind. Connective Tissue Techniques, Somato/Emotional Release & Alignment and Chakra Balancing, all use the body to transport the mind to a space of healing.