Chakra Balance


Experience a profound unwinding of the Nadi system as core issues, past traumas, and unresolved patterns are released and you regain a sense of energetic bliss.



Feeling stuck, and lacking spiritual connection and purpose, can result from over-identifying with the material reality we face every day. Wouldn’t a reset to what is possible just feel so good? 

Using your body as a tool for transformation, can shift your states of consciousness and moved beyond self-sabotage into self-empowerment.

Connected through energetic channels called “Nadis,” your Chakras are closely related to certain parts of the body, as well as mental-emotional patterns. Using the Chakras as access points, we can locate those pain points, that would otherwise stay hidden.

Experience a profound unwinding of the Nadi system as core issues, past traumas, and unresolved patterns are released and you regain a sense of physical lightness, emotional ease, and energetic bliss.

Your Chakras are an effective roadmap to your emotional and physical well-being. When your Chakras are in a healthy vibrant state of being, you operate from a clear and balanced mental state. The session is fully clothed with you lying on your back. Upon receiving a short description of your Chakra Wellness through intuitive inquiry, each individual energy center is treated by incorporating breath work, sound, therapeutic imagery, or emotional release.

Root – Transform survival programs and victimhood, to ambition and drive. 

Sacral – Transform addictive tendencies, weight gain, and codependency to healthy empathy, body love, and connection.

Solar Plexus – Transform trapped trauma to self-esteem and assertion.

Heart – Transform resentment and isolation to service and purpose.

Throat – Transform suppression to expression and choice. 

Brow – Transform confusion to balance your intellect and intuition to make use of opportunities in your life with wisdom.

Crown – Transform depression to grace and a higher connection. 




Your body has 7 major energy centers, called Chakras. Each of these energy vortexes is associated with certain parts of the body and particular functions. Each chakra is associated with certain emotions and related thought patterns. The seven major chakras are also in close relation to the endocrine system, even their positions correspond to those of the endocrine glands. Each Chakra is also certain to a certain frequencies ranges of light (color) and sound.

“The combination of touch and sound has a profound effect on the Chakras, allowing the receiver to drift into a world, of inner sensory awareness. Sound is a powerful conductor between the denser physical structure and light energy bodies. With the frequencies of sound being higher than dense matter and lower than pure light energy, sound acts as a bridge between the two worlds of variable densities. Words often are not successful in describing the experience, however, being at the receiving end of a Chakra Alignment is often described as: “making divine sense of things.”

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