In my session with Amanda, I got exactly what I wanted out of it; calmness. I was able to allow myself to look with a new perspective, one that made me feel calm, cool, clear and above all collected. I really appreciate how Manda could relate to my feelings and guide me through it. I use the visualisation on a regular basis whenever I feel that I need to get grounded and reroute my view point and stay focused on things that exilirate my ambitions.

As a dancer, I regularly receive bodywork to ensure that my body stays aligned optimally. I went into a CranioSacral not knowing what to expect. At first I was wondering if such a gentle and subtle form of healing would work at all. All the more was I surprised when, within minutes, an area of old trauma revealed itself. It felt very liberating to experience such a gentle yet powerful release that not only freed an emotional blockage but also a physical one. Amanda is a very gifted therapist and right away tunes in with your system’s needs. I’m looking forward to my next session.

I recently traveled to Sedona and after a long drive from LA I reached this divine place surrounded by the majestic red rocks. I treated myself to an 1&1/2 hour massage and cranial sacral massage. Amanda has such an intuitive touch, perfect in depth and strength. Often do I find myself wishing that the person giving a massage would be firmer here, and more gentle there. Amanda shows tremendous insight, and by the time she started applying CranioSacral Therapy, I was in a wonderful cloud. More importantly, I felt the lasting effect for days. I can’t wait to be back in Sedona. Extra bonus, she has a wonderfully peaceful place.

I used to have swimmers ear and it has been bothering me for years. After a few sessions of CranioSacral Therapy with Amanda, I noticed that I no-longer have the constant pain I used to have. Amazing.

My first session with Amanda was so powerful that I decided to see her again before I left town. The second session was just as equally powerful. With her guidance, I was able to go into my body in a meditative state, listen to it, make amazing discoveries, and start healing past hurt. I also believe that we healed what could have turned into disease. Amanda has a lovely energy that puts you at ease. She is a true healer that can sense where you are at and allow the two of you to take charge of your healing.

This was an amazing session. I felt like I was deeper than I’ve ever been.

As a psychotherapist I work with a lot of people, especially women who have had traumatic experiences. I often think body treatments are more effective than talk therapy. I recommend it to all my clients. Wonderful session. Thank you.

Wow, you are gifted, Amanda. You are definitely in the right profession.

Amanda embodies both highly refined skill in her work as well as a calming, nurturing and healing touch. I was able to rest into a still point during my session that allowed me to be deeply present and aware of the energy moving within which encouraged my body to release and settle further into ease.

I’ve had massages before, but after experiencing a bodywork session from Amanda, I feel like I’ve had my first real massage. What blew me away was the work on my abdomen. Amanda has amazing intuition.

Amanda offers a rare genuinely that creates a safe container for her clients. Her wisdom and depth also brings compassion and loving kindness. Taking this journey with Amanda touches deep into the heart of love.” Amalia Camateros, Author of Spirit of the Stones

Very good intuitive verbage. Loved the inner child work. Great chakra work, was exactly what I needed.

Amanda is an amazing healer. Her touch is comforting and wise. She touches all the right spots.

Manda, you are truly gifted. I could feel your nurturing and love. This has been an amazing experience.

Amanda knew just what she was doing and exactly where to work on me.