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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings
Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Guidance

Spiritual Intuitive Reading $120

Do you need clear, accurate answers?  Are you having difficulty deciding between different options? Are you wondering which soul lessons lies behind your current life event?

Gain deeper insight through an intuitive reading to address your most immediate and deepest needs and desires. Couple that up with metaphysical healing and be showered with your highest alignment.

Energy Medicine

Core Energy Alignment. $150

Reading & healing each Chakra will give you a new sense of who you are.

Together we will examine, practice and heal as we accept new ways of being, perceiving and believing. Stories from the past get transformed into empowerment.

Generational healing, ancestral healing, societal healing, familial healing are all possible through healing your core self.

Zoom or In-Person

Intuitive Readings

Soma-Spiritual Coaching

Coaching Package

Trauma-Informed, Compassionate, Somatic Coaching for Women,

Learn how to release restricting patterns from your body and thrive as a Sensual – Spiritual – Sovereign being

Through Therapeutic Breathwork, Movement, and Energy Medicine.




Intuitive Readings

My Philosophy

I believe that insight into the working of our inner being, gives us the opportunity for greater connection and love. Choose love.

Intuitive Readings

Soma is the Greek word for body, and stored within the layers of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies,  are memories, beliefs, and influences that make up your life story.  As if being a complex being is not enough, your energetic field is intertwined with the collective, with which you interact moment to moment. This can be overwhelming to even the best of us. 

At times we can all benefit from an Energetic Clean Up process to release attachments towards unwanted feelings, beliefs, or core issues, lingering in our energetic fields.

A Core Energy Alignment will help you identify where and how to apply energetic healing techniques, so that every part of your life, can be wholesome – your relationships, your work life, your health, and spiritual development.

You will know when you need a Core Energy Alignment when you:


  • have uncertain feelings that you can’t shake off
  • your mind is elsewhere to the reality in front of you
  • have phantom pains in your body
  • you know you want some kind of healing, but you can’t quite place it
  • you are simply curious about the condition of your energy body and know that it is time to be generous with yourself.


Our core beliefs are already formed within the first 7 years of our lives. These are deeply hidden from our day-to-day awareness. We are born into ancestral, societal, evolutionary, and familial conditioning while constantly having to redefine our place in a whole new world.

At times, a perspective from your Higher Self is a soothing reminder of how to stay on track.  Then there are times when we are emotionally bruised, have too many decisions to make, or just feel generally stuck… Why not invite some spiritual perspective in how to understand your unique purpose in your own soul’s journey?

Two of the most effective ways of getting insight into our energetic bodies are through perceiving the Chakras, located within the SuShumna Channel in the spine and the Auric field, perceivable around one’s physical body.

Through Core Energy Alignment we will address the body from the perspective of the Auric Field & Chakras, Soul Lessons, Emotional Feelings, Somatic Empathy (Body Sensations)  and other influences that may be present. 

Open up to your Inner Intuition and receive insight from a Spiritual Perception to follow Practical Guidance for Emotional Freedom.

Intuitive Guidance

Phone Reading

Yes, an intuitive reading can be just as powerful as visiting an intuitive reader in person. Whether it’s regarding love relationships, family, career, or spiritual path, a phone reading will address whatever concerns you may have, right from the comfort of your own home.


Would you like to learn how to do Energy Healing and Psychic Readings? 


I had my first in-person intuitive reading with Amanda on 11/11. Amanda's gentle demeanor immediately put me at ease. Some of what she shared verified what I already knew but what truly helped me were the insights she shared that is now helping guide me forward on my path. Her guidance along with her healing energy has given me a new perspective and reminder to allow myself to let go of my fears. Thank you Amanda!

Fast forward to 11/20, I had another reading from Amanda this time via phone. There was so much in the intial reading that I needed to clarify and dig deeper into. Amanda's way of relaying messages were in a loving and beautiful way.

I walked away from that call with new inspiration and a lighter brighter outlook into what the future may hold. Thank you Amanda for your help and healing energy. - Hazel Bellemare

"I was really blown away by my Theta Healing Session with Amanda and I felt completely seen and supported.
Things I had felt and believed about myself my entire life, she knew in an instant and could see how these beliefs were creating unfavorable patterns in my life.
She was easily able to energetically release these beliefs from my consciousness and helped me to form new, supportive and wonderful beliefs that better articulate how I want to live and feel in the world. I could feel the changes in my body and energy field immediately. My stomach relaxed, and my neck pain softened- all from a remote healing hundreds of miles away.
I can say it this was one of the most liberating energy healing sessions of my life and felt like 3 years of therapy rolled into one belief healing session.
Amanda brings incredible sensitivity, deep psychic ability, loving-kindness and compassion as well as her sweet energy to create a container of it is nothing short of a safe and truly transformational." - Melissa Wooten

" It’s difficult to put into precise words how incredible this experience was for me. I went into the reading with zero knowledge of what this reading would entail or expectations. I was truly blown away by your accuracy on the symbolic messages that you perceived about the stage that I find myself in at this time of my life. Your descriptions of every symbol or image that you’d capture were extremely powerful and meaningful for me. I was able to connect every message to what it represents in my life and gave me clarity on a very heavy particular matter I had been carrying my whole life. I am able to breathe better and it gave me so much confidence that I am on the right path. So, thank you, Amanda for being so wonderful and an amazing reading– you have an incredible gift."

"What an amazing experience!! I felt as though she was peering deep into my Soul! She brought up details about my life that she could not know. Some things she wasn't sure about, what they meant, but I did! She was VERY GOOD at conveying what Spirit was relaying to her. Amanda was clear and articulate in her reading. She even got emotional about some of the visions for my life that she received, they were so powerful! I was able to relate to a lot of what she said, and some things I didn't understand at first, but in just a few weeks time they became VERY evident.
I would highly recommend seeing Amanda for an intuitive reading. I shared her insights with my Husband, and he was in awe and would like to have a reading done for himself. Thank you Amanda!"

I got a reading from Amanda last week that was so spot on! She was able to do this reading for me via FB Messenger as we are a couple of states away from each other.
She simply did an intuitive chakra reading. She was able to pinpoint the areas of my body and the corresponding issues I am having and struggling with without even having a conversation with her beforehand.
She was able to suggest things that I can do to help in my areas of concern and was so supportive and compassionate. Amanda has a sweet soul and I felt very safe opening up and connecting to her on such a sensitive level.
Thank you Amanda for a wonderful and insightful read! To be able to know what my struggles are when I don’t even tell my closest friend .. a beautiful gift you have!!!
I highly recommend Amanda!!!

I recently had a reading by Amanda. She was absolutely spot on. Amanda was very professional yet cordial and friendly putting me at ease for the reading. Using a flower-reading-method, she was able to see exactly where I am in my current life and how it is progressing. She answered my questions quite accurately and I feel confident anyone having a reading by Amanda will be happy and satisfied with the information she conveys."

Amanda's patient, intuitive guidance during my session was perfect! Emotions and fears that had been stuck inside my organs for years finally got a voice. Thank you so much! - Aksel Vega

Amanda's reading was spot on!! she picked up on my religious upbringing and how that programming affected my sex life. she gave great suggestions on how to improve it! it was not invasive at all! You will be delighted how good of a reading it is! - Linda Sostak

Amanda is a beautiful being, with a deep nurturing spirit, grounded and expansive at the same time. She's incredibly psychic, and potent in her work. I miss her being nearby! - Rachel Harding

Manda, you are truly gifted. I could feel your nurturing and love. This has been an amazing experience.

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