This weekend I went to an holistic fair, a gathering where there is lots of talk about all matters related to the metaphysical. Amongst these topics, naturally that of manifesting your dreams, and the purpose of life was a favorite.
If I remember correctly, I heard someone say that the purpose of life is to overcome fear. It might have been during the talk by Charles Virtue that once again the issue was raised about how we as human beings are more easily drawn to identifying, focusing and manifesting our fears, as apposed to our wishes and desires. This was nothing new to me, and I guess, also not for you.
The belief that humans gravitate towards fear sounded like a concept that could be further explored and understood. Have you ever asked yourself why is it that we are so full of fear? What is the purpose of fear? Why do we attract it and Why does it seem to be so mysterious?
Just about every book, talk, and guidance I’ve heard on the topic of manifesting your desires talks about the element of acting on your ideas. It is taught that we are often times cut off from our divine guidance, yet every once in a while, a brilliant idea comes through and that is the time we should grab a book and pen, and follow the momentum until our creative genius produced. If really you did not have any fear blocking you, you’d simply trust this idea, and go with it.
Well, consider this. If really you tune in to divine guidance, your inner self, your higher self, what you will find is not just one idea. What you will find is every possible creative idea that can be channeled through you.
When you connect with that which you are part of, you have access to all the creativity your mind can conceive. To grab a pen and paper and jump on it is not only unrealistic, but also overwhelming and contradictory to our human survival, which often requires us to do one thing at a time. (You cannot swallow and breathe at the same time, for example. Two of the most primary needs for human existence.)
Now, would you agree with the statement that to start the process of expressing a creative idea or project is to take accountability for its successful outcome? Success in the sense of bringing a thought or idea to expression to tangible, visible or audible form.
It is thus the accountability that we fear. It is our own creative ability that we fear. It is indeed our own success that we fear, as so often quoted from Marianne Williamson’s book,  ‘Return to Love:’  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”
It is not our limitation which imprisons us, but our abundance to choose from. Taking just one apple from a tree of many, or rather, one apple at a time is what keeps us from taking an apple at all, creating distance between ourselves and the happiness and abundance that we are part of.
It is helpful to know, that not every spark channeling though you or me is necessary to be expressed. It is helpful to know that neither you or me have to be accountable for every thought or idea that runs through us, yet once in a while, we can pick an apple, an idea, an expression to bring into form. This is not us eating from the tree of good and bad, but being part of it, engaging in the life that we are given, that runs through us, that we are part of.
May you express your creative ideas and find identity and purpose.
With love.

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