If you love sleeping as much as I do, you will surely appreciate the fact that we can be very productive in our dream time. Just last night, for example, I was doing some reading on my current studies. In my dream time I was performing the practical parts of the newly acquired theory with attentiveness and accuracy. It’s like studying while sleeping!
On the other hand, after watching a movie, perhaps with emotionally disturbing content, my dream time will go into replaying parts until it gets resolved, or until I wake up, whichever comes first.
I am no expert, thus can’t claim that the latter form of processing negative emotions is completely useless, but I know it is not very fulfilling, and that I wake up feeling tired. I love making myself feel good before going to sleep. I love exploring the deeper levels of sobriety, to be found in meditation. Taking a bath, or shower, and maybe doing a few light stretches puts me in the perfect mood for meditative practice. This is by far my favorite way of preparing for the dream time. This is the preparation for quality dream time, like solving problems which are to appear the following day. Naturally you don’t experience them as problems when they come, and the familiarity, due to you dream time preparation, makes it feels like yesterday’s.
Other valuable dreams which comes up with this meditative preparation are solutions to bigger life questions. This may come in the form of guides appearing with good solid advice. Premonition dreams are also likely to come when you have cleared your mind before going to sleep. Well, they may even come otherwise, but you may not have the ability to tell the difference if you hadn’t practiced mind clearing techniques before bed time. My favorite dreams as result of meditation before sleeping, are those connecting me with other dimensions. Intergalactic, time and space travel dreams. Those are the best.
So, how do you choose to spend your dream time, mulling over your current troubles, drawn into a movie you just watched, or delving into the worlds beyond?
Happy Dreaming. <3

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