When I was seven, I sat in a ocean pool. It was a normal summer day and we spent the morning on the beach. For some reason I found myself resting so comfortably that I didn’t move for a while. I noticed all the little fish coming to swim around me, as if I was a rock. It was a very pleasant experience – that of oneness and harmony with all that was around me.
It struck me that sitting still and observing one’s body can give you the experience of being part of nature. I considered that occurrence one of discovering a deep spiritual truth.
Through the years many more occurrences and insights of similar nature would find me. I’d feel my heart beat strongly in my chest and assume it was my boyfriend being restless next to me in bed. I’d sit on a hill in the Himalayas and feel minor earthquakes, only to later realize that it was vibration was happening from within my own body, and not without.
Much later still I’d experience sudden winds during intensive meditation retreats, only to realize that the pressure of my concentration was causing them. With time I became more efficient in concentration without the intensity, and yet I couldn’t help but become radically aware of the connection between the mind/body and nature.
A clear definition for “spiritual awakening” is hard to find, yet I find that understanding the correlation between body, mind and nature, nothing short of a spiritual awakening.
So, what does this have to do with hurricanes and earthquakes?
Just as each individual cell can be identified and combined to create an organ; just like each individual organ can be identified and is yet only part of a complete body; I believe that so too, each individual organism is part of the body of the earth.
I believe that the earth as living being, is becoming more self-aware. I believe her pulse may sometimes be experienced as an earthquake as minor trauma gets released from her body tissue, and it is a good thing.
I believe that her intensity sometimes creates wild winds and downpour, as she become intensely self-aware of her own place in nature. Earth herself, is going through her spiritual awakening.
I believe that in time she too will deeply discover and experience that she is not alone in the universe, and that consciousness will be known to all the individual parts she is made up of. I believe that as the illusion of separation disappears, that even she will be more graceful towards her inhabitants.
Yes, many may be of meaning that she already knows all this and that only man is lacking behind. My intuition, though, says not.
I accept my position as one in mutual, symbiotic growth. Not expecting more than what I myself have been given, and thus taking full responsibility of what I have, what I can further develop and discover. Thus, I fore – give. I give the space for healing to happen at cost of our comfort and I get excited for the greater awareness we will all share inherently as result.
As for our human contribution to the evolution of consciousness – the discovery of oneness; for us natural disasters provide an opportunity to give, to share, to suffer together and experience camaraderie as result of it. For us human beings, events of uncertainty facilitate re-evaluation of values, ultimately re-membering us in love.
“We each have a sixth sense that is attuned to the oneness dimension in life, providing a means for us to guide our lives in accord with our ideas.”  – Henry Reed
With all of my love.

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