There is a simple answer with a not so simple way to implement it. The answer is to get out of your comfort zone, and be challenged in some way or the other.

Now you may tell me that you are challenged all the time, that you just need a break, and you just need some fresh new interest to cheer you up! True that may be, since challenged in life we will always be. It is our way of learning, but what if we could take responsibility for our challenges and be courages enough to seek them out, rather than having to juggle and be exhausted by them?

When my psychologist told me: “dear, you simply need to get out of your comfort  zone” to treat my depression as a teenager, I thought she was crazy and lacking compassion.

20+ years later, after many, many, many trials and tribulations, I know this is the way.

Just try something new, like brushing your teeth with the other hand, attend a dance class, or sign up for a course of study. The moment your feeling body has been woken up you will feel sparks of interest, which you’ll be free to follow up on.

Then you may have to consciously again choose to create desire to continue. After all, you don’t want to be simply finding new things all the time.  Hopefully you engage in an activity you can grow in, and even teach later in your life.

Life doesn’t happen to us. We simply have to make the choice to engage. If not, we WILL get challenged sooner or later and when challenges are forced on us, it is usually the kind that we don’t like.

I’ve been practicing yoga for some years, yet two years ago I found a teacher who pushed my limit just to the edge. I did things, even though very basic, that I didn’t think I could. Just that moment of challenge, changed my life for the better.

Homeopathy is also a great way to support longer term changes in one’s mind/body. Find a qualified homeopath to find your constitutional remedy and allow the vibrational support to change your vibration at molecular level.

I wish you all of the best.

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