Breathwork,  Yoga & Meditation

Sedona Tantra Yoga for Spiritual Awakening

Sedona is a popular place for learning yoga and meditation. Experience the bliss of Kaula Tantra Yoga, which is part flow, part Hatha, suitable for all levels and aimed at opening up the energetic body for a spiritual experience.

Tied in with the various healing modalities Amanda specializes in, she has been facilitating memorable moments on the beaches of Miami, private islands in the Bahamas,  and several retreats in mystical Sedona.

500RYT, Amanda received training in India and Thailand at the Shri Kali Ashram.

Breathwork detoxifies the body from emotional baggage and environmental toxins. Yoga āsana restores physical alignment and through mindful movements, and Meditation brings insight to the mind. Combined, they form the basis of holistic well-being. 

Sedona Tantra Yoga for Spiritual Awakening

I believe that we are on earth to support one another in remembering our true essence of compassionate love.

Amanda Metta

Private 1 – 1

Private Yoga, Breath and Meditation. Restore your spirit with the specular views and vortexes in Sedona.

Private Sedona Retreat

Relax into the healing atmosphere of Sedona, while developing your inner being through yoga, breathwork, physical alignment, and energetic release.

Coaching Package

Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, and Energetic Alignment are invaluable components in recovering from all forms of complex trauma and reclaiming our authentic Sensual Sovereign, Spiritual Selves.

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